We're local

We have access to everything available to make your stay enjoyable, easy, and safe.

You'll soon be able to communicate fluently and know your way around - but until then, we're here for you!

⚠️ Housecalls ⚠️

If as a parent or family member you are having difficulties reaching your child, contact us -  in English - we will check in locally and get back to you with news as soon as possible.

Travel assistance

Planning a visit to Paris, London, Amsterdam or anywhere in Europe?

Contact us for advice and assistance for bookings…

Local tourism

We can help organize individual and small group visits for families and friends to prestigious Champagne houses in Reims and Epernay, as well as to other cultural or historical sites.

Housekeeping and laundry

We can help you find housecleaning or laundry (ironing) services during your stay. We can communicate for you to set up a schedule that fits your needs!

⚠️ Medical needs ⚠️

If you have special medical needs or are following a specific medical treatment, we can help you find a doctor and assist you to communicate your needs.

⚠️ Concierge requests ⚠️

If you or your family has any personal requests, would like a special delivery or wants to surprise you, we can be contacted to make things happen.

Contact us here with your questions or needs

(extra services requiring payment can be set up with payment options online)

Where to find us

We are located in the heart of Reims, a practical 300 yards away from Sciences-Po Reims, near the Basilique Saint Rémi.

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