You are likely to arrive from overseas two weeks prior to your study program. Reims is 120km from  Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. We can make reservations for you to travel to Reims, by train, or private shuttle (more convenient for you when arriving with large luggage), and welcome you upon arrival. During your stay, we can be contacted to assist you for any travel arrangements you may need.

Moving in

Upon arrival, we shall greet you, ensure keys to your apartment are available and proceed to the mandatory condition report, documenting it with pictures to ensure all potential issues are properly listed. We shall also provide you with essential information making your arrival a pleasant and easy one.


We provide assistance to you for everything you need to come to France. Many of these can and should be dealt with prior to your arrival.

  • Travel requirements (COVID, VISA);
  • Student VISA: requirements, terms and assistance;
  • Healthcare / Social security;
  • Insurance: information, advice and solutions;
  • Banking: information, advice and solutions.


We can assist you with opening your account with electricity and (if necessary, gas heating) suppliers to ensure you are not in the dark or in the cold.

Mobile phone and internet

We can assist you to set up a French cell phone + data plan with recommendations on the most appropriate current plans with local carriers.


We provide information, advice and solutions on insurance. Personal liability, rental insurance and complimentary ‘mutuelle’ health insurance for expats, packaged specifically for you as students during your stay


We provide you with information, advice and solutions to open a euro-currency account, along with an international Visa debit card – essential to face expenses during your stay and set up direct deposits for paying rent and utilities.


We provide information on emergency services, and will assist you to find expat friendly GPs, specialists and pharmacies. All helpful to make your stay safe and healthy.

House calls

If your family is worried and has difficulties reaching you in France, we can be contacted to check on you and provide them with news.


Where to find us

We are located in the heart of Reims, a practical 300 yards away from Sciences-Po Reims, near the Basilique Saint Rémi.

Keep in touch

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